31. October

On the road to Latvia’s Centennial

The Latvian Nation's 90th Jubilee Celebrations have finished - they have shown that we know how to celebrate, furthermore, in many different ways and with great joy. The Celebrations were a success because we all wanted to celebrate together - with the active participation of the public, pride and joy from the Birthday has reached everyone who wanted it, for all those who hold Latvia in their hearts. The Celebrations symbolically commenced at the beginning of May, with the celebration of the Declaration of Independence Day and finished at the moment when the wait for the next celebration - the wait for Christmas, began.
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Fortune and happiness to us all

Jānis Rozenbergs, Editor of the portal,

The Celebrations have come and gone. They have finished. And will come again soon - Latvia's Jubilee Year has symbolically concluded, moving to other celebrations... On the First Advent we lit one of the four candles in the period leading to Christmas. This happened symbolically on Sunday in Alūksne, where we unveiled a 21st century column - a gift to the diligent residents of this city, who are full of ideas and had the most daring Bridges of Light project in Latvia. On the evening of the 22nd of August they created a path of light and flowers, connecting three city bridges.  

The returning

Ojārs Kalniņš, Director, Latvian Institute,

Long before there were Latvians, there was a land covered by ice. When the ice melted and the glaciers retreated, life returned to the land. As streams and rivers flowed into the sea, people flowed into the land. Just as the landscape transformed itself through the movement of ice and water, so too the ancient peoples that settled here adapted to these changes. Tribes, languages and cultures evolved, sometimes clashing, but also coalescing.

Еverything in this world has a beginning and an end.

Marina Kosteņecka, writer and journalist,

So here I am writing my last blog entry for the anniversary project under the slogan Light on for Latvia! In only a few days more Latvia will be celebrating its 90th birthday.
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